Creating a Task Force Juliett character

There’s a few things to know to create a character for this campaign….


There’s only one race! Human! Hooray! Check the Player’s Handbook. Note: You don’t receive the bonus feat. That’s replaced by faction feat.

What happens instead of race?

FACTIONS! Not every player has to be from the same country. Each faction grants its own feat (to accommodate for the bonus human feat), and presents interesting roleplaying opportunity. I’ve given it some thought, and decided to let players pick from the following list.

American (Fuck Yea’): Feat: Freedom at any cost: Once per day, if you go down to 0 hit points, you may choose to stay standing for 2 extra rounds. During these two rounds, the player gains a +2 Morale bonus (attks and saves), but goes down after two rounds. The player makes stabilization checks during this two round period, making it possible to stop bleeding before going unconscious.

French Underground: Feat: Surviving the Impossible Foe: Once per day, this ability may be activated to immediately remove mind-affecting statuses (morale, mind control, etc.). When activated, it grants a +4 Morale bonus (attks and saves) for 1 round.

British: Being British restricts you to only playing the Pilot class. The main reason for this is because I said so (Boom bitch). Anyways, being British grants the Aerial Maneuver feat: It grants a passive +4 bonus to the Aircraft skill. Also, if activated, the bonus becomes +8 for an impressive aerial maneuver (fox, do a barrel roll), but the passive bonus becomes inactive for the rest of the day.

Soviets: Feat: Stalwart Defense: Once per day, as a full round action, you may create a defensive position in defense of your allies. The stance has you crouch near cover, providing 2 AC, and 15% improved cover bonus (may take this bonus out, I haven’t tested it yet). Teammates taking cover in proximity of the stance receive a morale bonus (1 AC, +1 Attk, +1 Saves). Substantial damage ends the effect. Stance can be channeled for 3 rounds at level 1, and an additional round every 5 levels (4 at 5, 5 at 10, etc.).

Germans (Yes, you can be a Nazi): Feat: Lightning advance: Once per day, as a full round action you may efficiently empty your entire clip, covering an area, and granting immediate Aggro Advantage for 2 rounds.

Creating a Task Force Juliett character

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